Make a Plan, Write a Journal, Buy a Notebook


You guys. Planning is a thing. It’s such a thing. Erin Condren has been out for a while (like over ten years but no big deal right?), bullet journals are taking over all organizational junkies (I swear I still don’t understand how to adult with this style of journaling), writing down your feelings to check in with yourself, track your workouts, notes, nutrition, or just anything has always been hip!

I cannot commit to consistent journaling. I don’t understand the concept of bullet journals (I get it but I DON’T get it and I absolutely refuse to change that!). Let me walk down the aisle at Michael’s or TJ Maxx, though, and I will snag up to three notebooks. I will draw the line at three because who am I? JK Rowling?! Give me a patten, a texture, a quote, and I will give you a reason for why I must own it. What have I done with these notebooks?

When the collection gets out of hand, I am sane enough to pare down and gift some away. This is a tormenting process. I have also maybe been known to use a notebook to collect quotes, or write down fitness plans and advice.

Fun fact! I LOVE to write with a Sharpie. This also means it often bleeds through the back of the page and I get instant guilt for being wasteful (not like having a stack of notebooks I’m not using isn’t, but who’s asking!?). Some people only write on one side of the page though. I find it strange, but I’ve noticed it’s as big a debate as whether your toilet roll is under or over (and well I don’t see myself blogging about that any time soon!).

What’s your style? Any notebook hoarder confessions?

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