Accessories at H&M, a Review


When it comes to jewelry, do you feel like your aesthetic is forever the same?

Way back in my teen years, I had an affinity for large rocks (of course they weren’t real!) and kitschy comic-y designs at the same time. I would be doing my best Real Housewives impersonation one day and collect Kenneth Jay Lane strawberry necklaces the next (do you remember these? Am I aging myself? And YES, I made myself broke for no reason with those suckers!). It took a lot of honing my taste things breaking and turning my fingers green (GAH!) before I stopped buying everything.

As I got older, I finally started to appreciate the materials that jewelry is made of – even if costume. Earrings would often make my ears get so angry at me, my neck would get irritated, etc. The value of something started to play a big role as well. Who doesn’t want something they can look back at in a decade vs. a necklace that falls apart after two wears? I started to promise myself that I would hold off from costume jewelry *as much as possible* (because hello, I’m not perfect!) in efforts to save up for real stuffs, but also to really look at pieces as investments that could fit moods, seasons, and outfits – as opposed to a single night out.

All this long winded intro about my coming of age to say that, I am now a big lover of the thin and tiny pieces. There is something about a gentle wispy bracelet or ring that catches my eye when I am accessory shopping. Like a tattoo, I’d like to say this is a permanent style I can commit to and enjoy years forward. Another favorite? Geometric twists and ‘floaters’. Give me right angles, sharp edges, and a floating concept and I’m all ears.

Here are some pieces I snagged from H&M. Thoughts?

What’s your accessory style weakness?

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