Subscribe Me Cap’n!


Do you have any subscriptions that come into your mailbox? I feel like my list of subscriptions is growing with every YouTube video that makes my brain go ‘SQUIRREL!’. But-err-umm. Speaking of squirrels? Milton (remember him?) gets a subscription box too.

Enter onto the stage Barkbox. You guys. This subscription box is two toys and three treats for dogs. The monthly subscription box always has a theme and consistently has the MOST awesome illustrations.


Realistically, this box may be more for my enjoyment than the dog. He’s a picky eater. Actually – he’s a snob. He won’t eat everything. Those cartoons and videos of dogs perking up at the sound of a package being opened? Not this sucker. The toys, however, are absolutely epic. The themes are always very thorough across the months. The box can be customized depending on the size of your furchild and their chewing habits. If your pup is a grand master destroyer but you prefer they tear em up anyway (ahem, my hand is up in the air here), you can change that up too. You can sign up for one month, six, twelve, or go month to month (hand up here again).

Do you subscribe to anything? Does your pet?

**links to Barkbox are referral links. This post is NOT sponsored, but Barkbox – if you’re reading, Milton is down to be a spokesperson and/or an ambassador sponsorship program. He believes his cheekbones are camera ready.

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