All About Ya Ya!

Who is yaya?

Miss Yaya is Yana Lusher.

Emma Wasson was once asked if she was a stylist, model, or designer. She replied that instead of being categorized, she wanted to be called a creative maverick. I don’t know if any other statement could ring as true as this.

I do not like to be categorized in any way – often times, it is hard to. Born in Uzbekistan to an interracial couple, categories have been muddied up ever since birth. A curly light skinned girl. Born to a Muslim father and a Jewish mother. Growing up speaking Russian & English, listening to flamenco, jazz, hip-hop, country, R&B, and all in between. A need to introduce myself as an interesting entity and enjoyable presence is all that I have been taught and grown to do.

There is no true definition of what/who is yaya. Immersed in the design world, I find myself being pulled to different areas, as if there are no gates. I have a passion for, but it is not limited to: retail therapy (Fergie said Prada bags don’t break hearts!), fashion design, art (in all mediums), music, dance, etc. I am studying the business for overall Fashion Marketing & soon Advertising.

While making necessary life adjustments to pay the rent [as it needs to be monthly :)] I continue to learn more about beauty, crafts (recently started teaching myself crochet and string art), journalism, and do not worry about boundaries.

My Own Judge is the creative maverick in me seeking to learn more about all that the world has to offer, while not falling prey to anyone’s judgement other than my own. I enjoy learning more about everything & hope you are just as interested in learning more about me.

2 thoughts on “All About Ya Ya!”

  1. Hello Ms Yaya….I must say that I see you every week and did not know this much about you…..Love the site and think that your on your way to a sucessful career in the Fashion world….I love your spirit about the whole thing…it truly is a passion of your's which we can clearly see….Keep up the great work……..Tressa


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