Salons w/Happy ending?

Let me rattle your brain a bit –

What do you go to a salon for?

Me? Nothing – almost nothing.
  • Do my own nails unless it’s a special occasion.
  • Same goes for toes.
  • Color my own hair. Don’t require much styling (love the curls)
  • Get my hair cut by a family friend in house.
  • Waxing/etc. – my mom does for me (she’s an aesthetician)

But how do you feel about teeth whitening?

Yup, I said it. Teeth whitening in a salon. This seems to be a practice a lot of salons are tintroducing to state legislature and the dental boards aren’t happy.

They say it is uncontrolled (i.e. sterilization, creditation, all sorts of other ations…), and considers it a general “health and safety issue.”

I don’t think I would get my teeth bleached next to someone’s hair or toes… it’s really a personal thing b/c I’m not saying it for any reason other than that.

Check the article right hurrr.

Would you leave your shiners to your salon specialist?

2 thoughts on “Salons w/Happy ending?”

  1. I go to the hair cuttery to get my hair cut. I do my own nails, color, hair removal, etc. Teeth bleaching is just crazy. How about those teeth whitening kiosks in the mall? Now that is weird.


  2. that’s such a weird thing to do haha…what if they start introducing manicures and pedicures too…then someone’s toe nail flies towards you haha


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