Stripped Men – Oh My!

Beauty and the Blog posted about Urban Decay Pocket Rocket lipgloss, and I just had to follow in suit. See here for the post.

The lip glosses are flat so as not to create a bulge in your pocket (unless you’re just happy to see someone) though I will have to see about that. Ladies have a certain tightness to their pants/jeans that I don’t know how flat something needs to be to become undetectable. I mean – my Metrocard (NY mass transit whoo!) is a flat card and I can almost always see it peeking out of my pocket.

Another notable tidbit of the glossy you might have noticed? The semi nude men prancing around in the lip gloss cap (and the glosses are male names)!

Sephora will be selling these suckers (which kind of remind me of the Lorac Mocktail glossies) soon, and neither Sephora nor Urban Decay have the product listed on their sites. For shame!

Found an authorized reseller though if your obsessive hands are itchin’ ya. Look Fantastic got it for ya.

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