MW: VIBE quoted

Happy weekend everyone! Magazine Weekend is a new schedule I created for the weekend (duh) and it’s me sharing with you. If anyone needs to know one thing, it’s that yaya does most of her literary adventures a la catalogs/magazines. The subway + the iPhone + the magazine flipping page by page to reach destinations of knowledge and area = a cosmopolitan love affair. Yes it’s that serious y’all.

This weekend shall start off with VIBE. It’s not enough that I always work in close vicinity to them (not stalker status – it’s just the ‘what a small world‘ effect of NYC!), but I also get to meet up with the mag on a monthly basis – once it comes a-knocking on my mailbox, I’m reading it inside out. Well actually I read most of my magazines inside out.

Let’s work out the spring equation:

The May issue focused on the Ri-Ri & CB issue on the cover and more importantly, a rise in abuse in dating. Though I feel strongly about the issue, I feel that the two spotlights need to handle their own business, and until I am to know the real story through and through, I violence is wrong in nearly any context (self-defense exception hehe).

They interviewed Tyson, Bow Wow, Cam’Ron, etc.

They had a bathing suit spread that had my VISA sweaaaaating and my abdomen quivering (cuz you know they’re light years away from being as fit as I’d like them to be lol!).

But since I’m not going to steal their cashflow, I’ll let y’all get a taste, and then you’ll just have to snatch a copy of your own. Here’s VIBE Quoted:
A magazine is never just the articles, neither. The advertisements do it just as much for me as the mag does. Sometimes I do fall prey to ad-ver-tisss-ment || ha-rasss-ment. I can’t help it. It’s the pains of an addiction to shop-ing. lol I’m being goofy.

Anyway! Common is looking good in the new Diesel cologne ad, Adidas snagged Katy Perry & Mr. Beckham, and I am 900% sure Hennessy is photographing the sweet songbird Tweet.

Shoot me an e-mail to if you would like me to explore other/have topics and/or magazines, or for general opinions of what’s in magazine weekend.

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