D&G at Saks!

When I heard Pat McGrath would be coming to Saks as part of an event frenzy for her collabo with D&G for their makeup line? I was giddy! Plus did y’all see the super sexed up but still pinup like ad campaign with Miss ScarJo? (If not that’s ok – that’s what I’m here for! Keep scrolling!)

I got the extra pleasure of going with Miss B from ClumpsofMascara, but unfortunately, B didn’t get to see Pat! 😦 Miss McGrath walked the floor and gave her opinion on what everyone was getting done.

I got hooked up with a super sexy and bright look using the Dazzling Eyeshadow Quad with the MUA Carla, and from all the products, the most impressive were the brushes (which they don’t sell yet – figures!). The products are all a little out of my price range, but a girl can dream!

I especially love the whole gilded luxurious effect with the packaging.

Directly from the D&G Makeup:

“Unconventional to the extreme, this luxurious campaign breaks the rules of make up traditional communication, introducing the entire body of a woman. The inspiration is the modern Marilyn and the essence of the Dolce&Gabbana woman, glamorous and sensual, always with a confident and provocative edge. Inspired by the dreamy Mediterranean coasts and the treasured screen sirens that have defined Hollywood glamour, the campaign is formidably fresh. “

This blogger even got Pat to sign her eyeshadow quad! Jealous!!

I did however get to talk to Ruth from the NYTimes, and your girl is in the Style section this week! woot! Check out the article here if you wish.

Here’s the outcome for me:

don’t mind the diva face and the crazy frizz – look at the makeup! 🙂

I loved the eyeshadow colors so much, I ended up buying it even with the ridiculous price tag! 😦

Eyeshadow quad in Dazzling

Last but not least, my face chart:

P.s. I was most surprised that this line is uber exclusive. It is only available to Saks, and previously (at the day of the event) it was only available in store. It’s available online for internet shopaholics to go at it now, though.

For some additional makeup photography, here’s a forum that put together a lot of the campaigns Pat did. Now you judge it: How closely do you follow Pat? Any favorite looks by her?

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