Another Makeup Show Teaser!

I kind of decided I would do teasers with just photographs and minimal descriptions, and then do singular posts on companies that really left a mark in my heart (or wallet).

These were all my passes from each day. I def should’ve just signed up as press to begin with, but you know me… Let’s make things difficult!

I didn’t get too much from MUFE – just an empty palette to put e/s pans into and one pan of 92. Everyone has 92 right? lol The line for them was ridiculous – both days it was upwards to an hour of waiting. But hey – I still waited!

MUFE displays – how gorgeous right? If I only didn’t have a budget…

MUFE male body art. Definitely competition for the Mehron that I showed before.

These were some of the gorgeous displays that they had up on the wall of some of the artists, companies, and their work. If I was tall enough I would’ve taken a picture of every single one – they all looked so good!

There were plenty bloggers at the show, a couple that I already knew, but mostly new friends that I made! I will have to wait for some of my fellow blogging beauties to post up their pictures of the actual people and not the makeup 🙂 as my camera was on the fritz, so bear with me if you don’t feel like I’ve satisfied your hunger!

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