Court is in session y’all!

Scarlett Johansson has been a busy bee this past year. Clearly the girl is not lacking on the personal or business front. She’s married. She did the D&G debut campaign, and now she’s taking the reigns from Penelope Cruz for MANGO.

She looks on the slim side to me… though that may be the Photoshop

Check out the rest of the photos and more info on PopCrunch!

Photocredit: PopCrunch & MANGO

Alright Ladies & Gents of the Jury – what’s your verdict on ScarJo?

Are you feeling this ad? I want to hear it all.

2 thoughts on “Scar-Judge”

  1. @Rai – yeah I like this photo shoot, though I have never bought anything from MANGO… I just always go inside the store and come out with nothing.. they're like a pricier version of F21


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