Zoya’s not a Twit!

With all the new fangled technological devices and applications, companies are finding different ways to reach their customers.

Let’s admit it – receiving an e-mail newsletter is a bit old – especially being that we are often caught mass deleting due to the huge mailboxes full of Sale this and %10 that. … Ok – just me then…

Well y’all are in luck Twitterati – Zoya is being super duper kind and letting you choose three free nail polishes. Three. free. Wait a minute – is that a play on words with their polish being 3Free??


Here’s the catch: the code is on Twitter. (It’s a thank you for building up to 5000 followers). It’s also only open to the US. Check out the details on their blog here.

If neither of those options suit you, I still suggest you head over and follow Zoya because they always have great deals on Twitter and plus – they’re one of the few companies that respond to everybody – ain’t that great customer service??

P.s. Don’t forget to confess to the judge just what ya got 😉

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