Illamasqua for the Masses

So you’ve probably heard the buzz about the brand. Illamasqua, a hugely popular UK brand has made it’s way over into powerhouse Sephora to entertain the US masses!


Here comes the education:

Introducing the brand (via Sephora)

“Unlike any other color collection, Illamasqua’s ultimate goal is to empower women (and men!) to express themselves through makeup and to discover their bolder, sexier side.

With the help of professional makeup artists, including Artistic Director and world-renowned makeup artist Alex Box, Illamasqua was developed in London by a team of leading chemists and high-performance makeup manufacturers in November 2008—and the nighttime makeup brand has been making a scene on the UK scene ever since. With a vast color range of pro-grade products backed by stunning imagery and theatrical extravagance, Illamasqua has already earned cult status with a dedicated following—including celeb fans.

Illamasqua encourages self-expression and individuality, capturing the imagination of anyone who wants to accentuate their look through makeup. Inspired by a mix of influences—like the dark and dramatic 1920s Berlin club scene and the creative and expressive London underground scene—Illamasqua encompasses makeup’s rich heritage in film and theater.

With an amazing array of inspiring colors and textures, Illamasqua offers everyone a palette to play with; free reign to experiment; and ultimately, full artistic license to take your makeup to the max.”

I love all their looks and photographs as part of their marketing and advertising, and their nail polish packaging reminds me a bit of Chanel.


Here is some product info from Sephora and I’ll come back shortly with photos and tidbits as well. If you can’t wait and must have it all now – check out my girlie Adina from – she has a killer collection of swatches for your eyes.



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