Talk It Out – Convincing Argument Counselor!


Crazy how time flies eh?

This Talk It Out Tuesday is a no frill question for all product junkies and occasional shoppers alike.

The question is: What convinces you to make the purchase?

The other day I was in the drugstore looking for something I haven’t seen before. It’s a terrible method to save money, but a great way to educate yourself with what is out there. I usually always see something different or new to me.

But what happens then? If I’m in a store that’s tester friendly (i.e. Sephora) I check out the product and usually leave. It has to be working my senses over something spectacular to make me walk right up to the register. But even then, by day two I usually have buyer’s remorse. I’m a firm believer in the fact that you aren’t present in the store enough to fully experience the product enough (most of the time) to commit to a purchase.

So, I’ve learned to test if possible, and return the next day if the product delivers (this works best with perfumes as the scents change and linger). Other times, I’ve found requesting samples may get you a surprising answer almost everywhere you go. The most effective method to date though, is reading other reviews and researching the product online. I know – it’s a hassle – but so is wasting money!

What convincing argument does a product need to make for you?

4 thoughts on “Talk It Out – Convincing Argument Counselor!”

  1. i definitely agree with that!
    its better to know if one product really works for you before buying

    i was an impulsive buyer before, but now i've learned to say NO to sales talk & give the product enough time to see if it meets my standard

    its just too bad here in the Philippines that its very very very very rare that brands have samples that they give


  2. wah thats so true, test then buy it ahaha but sumthimes, i get carried away….

    hmm….the product needs to be something that I have heard about and sumthing that has already been reviewed, then i would buy it…otherwise blah , cuz i dont have that much $_$

    great post 😀


  3. @thiamere – yeah I went a little crazy with credit cards and salesperson pressure before but now I have to make an effort to be good!

    @emily – thanks 🙂 it's true – reviews help a lot in decision making


  4. i totally do the same! i see reviews on them on makeup alley before i purchase any makeup/ or necesseties! id like to see what others think about it too! i also think real hard about it too, if i dont really need it, then i wont buy it!


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