I’m With Wendy

MOJ Missing at the GrammysI may be a little late to commenting on the Grammys, but watching my evening Wendy update (are you watching the Wendy Williams show with me?) last night, I found that I agreed with her statement.

What was it? Let’s break out the milk carton. Remember the “Have you seen _______” or the “Missing” signs on the milk cartons? Nearly everyone consumes milk, no? So let me know… have you seen these gals and fellas at the Grammys?

Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston were not nominated, but surely, if the cast of the Jersey Shore snags an invite… well you know.

Chris Brown and Kanye West (and Amber Rose) were absent. Huge shrug here. Reminds me of foolishness like Justin Timberlake hitting up shows after the ‘football fiasco’ and Janet Jackson going AWOL.

MOJ Missing at the Grammys

Did you miss any of them at the Grammys? Did you even watch?

I personally watched it and had an unimpressed shrug to take away from it but watched performance recaps of the BET Awards and kicked myself for missing it.

Your verdict?

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Talk It Out Tuesday – Shopping Partners

Hey there kiddies. As I rummaged through the MOJ archives, I realized that the last Talk It Out Tuesday was over a month ago! So of course, it’s time to ask some questions and talk it out.

How does your partner treat your shopping habits? This could be a current or past instance.

Whenever I go rummaging for beauty products, my other half prefers to stay out of it. Not that he will refuse to go, just that when he does go he has nothing to do, so he ends up standing there. It’s really because he has no interest in glosses or mascaras, or if China Glaze has a new collection out, or which celebrity was last seen getting a mani with it. Also, being that this isn’t necessarily his passion, I don’t get the ooh and ahh shared excitement of a new glitter or holo polish, or shadow. I like to do the beauty shopping alone or with the gals. Shopping for clothes is much easier because I like to get his input and point out ridiculous outfits, and I can alternate between men’s stores where we can find stuff for him, and then stores for me.

MOJ Talk It Out Tuesday
Image credit: edited game scene from DeviantArt user Janeko 

I actually consider myself lucky. I have plenty friends who face shopping with their ladies for anything as an extreme hassle and are just party poopers throughout the whole experience. I’ve dated a guy or two in the past that was like this, and it just ruined the whole stinkin’ experience for me (and if you know me – you’ll know it’s always a good experience lol!).

What about you? Is your partner your shopping partner?

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Talk It Out – Winterize Me Cap’n!

I can sure babble about something right? So the topic (obviously) is the shift in weather. I want to know how y’all are dealing with your skin when the weather changes.

I can actually feel my skin get dry more and more as it gets colder, so that means I double up on the amount of times I lotion up. That and I go to bed with socks on. This gives me a perfect excuse to have soft toes and heels as I’ll slather on my thickest lotions and put on fuzzy socks with polka dots and such (that never see the outside of my house).

Is your skin stable enough that you stick to the same routine? Do you moisturize more or less? What’s your secret?

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Talk It Out Tuesday! Choice of Nails

Happy Tuesday! Happy December as well!

How are your nails doing? The reason I ask is because I tend to use my nails as tools and more often than not, abuse them. I use them to open boxes, cans, plastic packaging, scrub away tough spots, etc. No surprise then that they often break.

I also have to admit that I have been slacking on the vitamin intake and those darn white spots have popped up on my nails. Call it silly, but the reason I hate seeing them is because they show other people my business. Snitches!

But it’s not just me. When I used to work in retail, that whole year of handling clothing, hangers, and tags on a daily basis caused unimaginable havoc on my nails and cuticles. And when I went nutso shopping this past weekend? All the hangers and clothing molestation (you know when you walk through the store just running your hand over all the fabric… lol) had me in the car on the way back filing my nails and muttering to myself like a madwoman.

You know what I hate most about them breaking?

  1. It breaks up the flow. One nail always ruins it for the hand and then I compulsively adjust the length on all the nails.
  2. Sometimes the nail breaks in a different shape and I have to decide between changing the shape or having a tiny nail (because I’d have to file it down to the wanted shape).

Clearly this is a dilemma to rip your hair out and not sleep for days (… not really). But nails are so changeable and so noticeable to me, that I have to find out from you:

What is your nail shape?

Here are some celebrity images I put together of different mani styles, from fake to real, bitten to long, squares to talon-like shapes.

I also found some good tips for y’all to transition into new shapes, or just get the shape that you want (sometimes I get the perfect shape on everything but one nail – drives me crazy!!). I am a rounded square myself, but I would love to try out the style Dita von Teese is sporting (top left corner).

Here are the various shapes of nails:

Talk it out!

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Talk It Out Tuesday! Shopping!

Tuesday is back and I can already hear the loud banging of the holidays at my door. I just sat down yesterday and wrote down a stern list of people I plan to get gifts for.
My gift giving habits in the past have been to write a few names and improvise on the rest. Improvise on the people and the gifts leads to empty wallets. So this year I will try to write down a gift for each person, cross it off, and move on. This is a drastic change to my usual “this would be great for ____” and ending up with five gifts per person.
And darn me for not being a Scrooge and loving all these little kids in my life!
Who are you shopping for this holiday season? And while you’re at it – with Thanksgiving coming up, what are you thankful for?

I’m glad to have my health and all the people in my life that make my life such a joy to wake up to every morning. And of course, for readers like you!

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Talk It Out Tuesday! Gift Givers

The holidays aren’t just creeping, they’re galloping at us. But when we talk it out, it’s not to usher in some unnecessary pressure, but rather to understand each other.

I’m the type of shopper that sees and hears things year round. I pay attention to what people say in passing conversation as “oh it would be nice to have…” and continue on with my daily life. When I pass such things, be it May or December, I pick them up and store them at home.

Sometimes I store them so well that I don’t find them until next year, and for that, my listening skills come in handy, because the people I tend to give gifts to, I also happen to be in communication with.

So as I start to embark on my posting journey of gift guides and product recommendations, I want to hear about you. I don’t want to just let you know what I think is awesome, I want to help out. Chances are, my half hoarding and half psychotic habits will get my shopping nearly done before most of y’all even start. Or at least in my head (because money doesn’t always move as fast as the brain). What kind of shopper/gifter are you? Do you shop two days before, or months in advance?

Does the wishlist or the sale list dictate what your loved ones get? Are you the infamous giftcard for all occasions gifter? Everyone has a style! What’s yours?

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Talk It Out Tuesday! Consumer Activity

It’s that time again!

When a financial crisis was reported, I felt bad for the fact that my bank account wasn’t ready for any dilemma. If I were to lose either of my jobs (I got 2), how would I pay off my retail habit debt and my education (let alone rent)? Not sure. And yet, I still purchased things here and there. I mean really. Yes, you have to be more of a savvy finance-ista (?) 🙂 but you can’t just stop living.

So I ventured into stores and spent a bit here and there. Did you?

Stores weren’t as optimistic about the future, so they toned down their spending. They tried to sell what they had, and trimmed their orders for the future (aka now & the coming seasons). In comparison to their smaller orders, it seems that they are getting closer to a happier bottom line. As a matter of fact, many news reports say shelves may actually be out of stock sooner due to the quantity of items available and people and their darn holiday gift lists.

With that said, every week when I read a financial overview of the week past, I hear the same thing: Consumers are spending again. But I wonder, are they really? Has the spending stayed the same? Are people feeling “safer”? Are you shopping?

Tell me all about it!

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Talk It Out Tuesday! Mistakes!

My mother is an aesthetician. There! When young girls were just getting into skincare and beauty products, I already had it stuck in my head. The no nos and rules of sunscreen? I thought it was a given (I would’ve caught a whooped bum if I had ventured out without it during the summer). What I thought was a basic understanding of skin care and the business behind it, seemed to be more of an education.

Apart from teaching me to be extra kind to my skin, my mother was strict about not letting me wear makeup. This was a mixed blessing. When I was young and thought I knew it all, I didn’t understand how it could hurt. I’d sneak out and wear makeup sometimes (but if I came home with it still on… war started before dinner), though that was rare. My mom kept saying the youth of my skin was all the ornament I needed. Now that I’m older of course understand what she meant.

But that doesn’t mean I always listened! Though listening to my mom (or trying to keep my butt from being beaten too much) has gotten me used to a more natural look (i.e. lipgloss for the most), as well as familiar with addressing my skin’s needs, I have still committed plenty of mistakes in the cosmetics department.

When I was younger black liner seemed to be the one stop solution. I had horrendous raccoon eyes on special events and though way too highly of myself. I would stand in the mirror and sometimes take pictures (pre-digital cam age – plenty of annoying pictures to develop & waste money on!)for hours.

Now I know just how much black liner needs to slide on my waterline, or if any at all. I have befriended the shadow and liquid liners, and discovered makeup brushes (and YouTube gurus). I dare say, my only mistakes now are when I pair the wrong colors or brands together. Who knows, though? I may even come back years later and say my makeup habits currently turn out to be atrocious.

But more on the here and now, what beauty mistakes/crimes are you guilty of committing?

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Talk It Out Tuesday! Donate It!

We all know that this is the month of pink. I’ve posted previously about various companies that are partnering with research groups and fundraisers, such as Three Custom Color, PurpleLab, etc. But are you buying any of the items?

I like to participate in the walks by either sponsoring a participant, or participating myself (3 day Relay, Avon Walk, Race for the Cure, etc.) and raise money around the workplace for each time that I do. I also like to purchase the pins and bracelets that Payless sells for the cause each year, and just drop a dollar or two at fundraisers into the box. This year of course, I am looking at a plethora of items and am tempted to buy all.

But what about you? Are you buying anything?

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Talk It Out Tuesday! War Paint?

Tuesday is upon us yet again, and I have plenty to pick your brain about!

Today’s question is about make up practices in another’s eyes. This is the men vs. women debate.

Last weekend, I was preparing to go out for dinner and a movie with my someone special, and I was trying to pull all the stops. Now let’s clarify: I am not a makeup everyday kind of girl. The daily product addiction you can convict me of would be gloss and perfume.

There are plenty days when I wake up and realize the bags under my eyes are threatening (usually this is just in my head b/c no one else seems to get the hysteria) to overpower the ginormous bags on my shoulders. Those days, I extend into concealer on my eyelids and under my eyes. If I have pimples, the last thing I do is conceal them (as I have found that to be the number one agitator for it, personally).

When I have to do face pictures, or meet with companies, I dig a little deeper into my bag containing the kitchen sink & use some mascara and light bronzer, and maybe some eyeshadow. This is all usually done on the subway, en route to said locations/meetings. The only times that I stay home and apply makeup is for when there is an abundance of time (rare) or when there is an event.

The last prep reasoning is a recent phenomenon. I used to use the same products for getting ready as I mentioned (mascara & light bronzer) for nights out as well. Then I started reading blogs. Then I started one of my own. Then I discovered YouTube tutorials. It’s been slightly downhill since then. All my new knowledge of shading, and contouring just has to be put into action now. That’s what I said when I was asked why my beauty regimen nearly doubled in practice. And then I heard this: Have you ever gotten a male’s opinion about makeup?

Now this was a question that should’ve been put into a script probably. I could just hear the background harp & the light go on above my head. Have I? The men in my family didn’t care much for it, the dates I’ve went on didn’t either. Overall, my face seemed to get the best reviews when bare.

I try not to justify my outfits or makeup for someone else. That’s a dangerous practice, as you’re always going to run into a comparison, and eventually you’ll always find something else to change. So I try to do it all for me. Do I get caught up in the hype? Plenty of times. But I do try.

So now I’m seeking the male opinion. What have y’all heard from the other sex Ladies & Gents? What’s the verdict on the war paint?

I’ll still be makeup my face, but I’m going to try to keep any excuse out. If I’m wearing it, it’ll most likely (look y’all I said I try…) be because I just want to… for me.

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