Back to… (s)cool :)

It’s that time again. You know – when the sun hides a lot longer than it shines, and when you wake up in the middle of the night feeling a bit colder than when you went to sleep.

I thought up some ideas and put together a few options to take a peek at. Most of the items are $50 and under, so if you get the itch to shop – it won’t hurt too bad!

Whenever long sleeves come into play, the button up top is the quintessential top that never does you wrong. There are many options for them and the color varieties are endless. The best thing about it, is that depending on what your environment is, you can snazzy it up for an outing, or down for your HR manager/professor.

Ruffles are playful and will keep you from getting too glum as the weather gets colder and the darkness more abundant.

Make use of the natural inspirations outside and around you. Take a cue from what is natural at this time of year in terms of colors and incorporate that into your wardrobe!

Just because it’s warm, doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in sheer fantasies. Pick brighter colors layered over dark colors to keep yourself warmer, and to be kind to other people. Though really – if you’re like me and you don’t care so much what others care about your outfit, you should be putting your neon sheers over white tanks and keep the hope of summer alive.

And while you’re at it, going back to school or just back to cool in the fall, you need new makeup to renew your look right? What better way than to do it with the versatility of a palette?

Here are some under $20 versions!

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