NYFW: MOJ Works Behind the Seams of the Risto Show!

Photobucket New York Fashion Week is under way and the whole city is abuzz. There is a rapidly decreasing ratio of taxi-cabs to fashionistas, plenty a meal to be missed, and plenty a good garment to see for the Spring season ahead. Who’d have thunk that we’d already be talking about Spring 2010 as only the first leaves of fall think of setting in?

This year is the first year that I get to participate in shows, working both backstage, and as a spectator alike, to bring you my faves of the bunch. It was my joy to present myself as the mani-pedi technician of the Risto Bimbiloski show.

Click ‘Read More’ to check out some more pictures and details about both the clothing brand, as well as the nail polish that made it happen. You can probably tell from the image what it is!

First an introduction on Risto Bimbiloski:

Risto Bimbiloski is an emerging brand, centered on a forward thinking vision. It is foremost a family business, started by a group of common minded individuals, connected by the unique concept, of what is new in the world of design. Risto was born in Macedonia in 1974. His initial influences were the realities of common socialistic lifestyle and early pop images on MTV. In 1993 he was accepted and enrolled in one of the most prestigious Parisian design schools-Duperee. This enriching experience resulted in initial research of his inner “East-West” balance, still very prominent in his collections to date. Macedonia is a matriarchal society full of strong women proud of their heritage and traditions. It is customary that the technique of knitting and handcrafting is learned from an early age to execute to perfection. Thus it was an organic decision to embrace these traditions and launch the label Risto Bimbiloski as knitwear based collection. The presentation was called simply “24” and showed twenty-four silhouettes based on women that would wear a Risto Bimbiloski garment at a precise hour: minute of the day, in very different places worldwide. By combining these traditional knitting techniques with ultra modern design that is always executed with precise art of the drapery, Risto showed a very new and unique product. Many high praises followed immediately after. The talent behind these creations was noted at Louis Vuitton, and early 2006 marked the start of a strong and ongoing collaboration: Risto Bimbiloski at Louis Vuitton as a contracted freelance designer for the man’s knitwear line. Although, the collection started mostly as knitwear, the brand has since developed into a full ready to wear collection. The knitting artisan atelier started with four ladies only, and presently contracts over one hundred. In these ever-changing unstable times this is one of the most important ingredients of the Risto Bimbiloski label-its human element. A product made with love, well paid for, that gives a chance to help and to increase drastically each lady’s familial economic situation.

In the summer of 2007 the brand Risto Bimbiloski opened the doors to its first factory that tends solely to the ever growing needs of their production: knitwear, artisan and the cut and sew collection. The designer and his team continue to collaborate with many stylists, artists and photographers, but the base of the collection, and the feeling of the garment still remains true to it’s original vision: an effortless blend of East and West, avant-garde and tailor made sophistication.

Check out slide 4 of this up and coming slideshow from New York magazine about the brand here!

The show featured some original designs that I had never come across before, and had the cutest shoes with back pom poms/tassles. The look was a very heavy and bold black eyelid for all the models with slicked back hair that was heavily teased in the back. There was no single one makeup sponsor, so the looks were created with a plethora of products including industry favorites Chanel, MAC, Makeup Forever, and others such as Kett, etc.

the kit


That’s my curly head working some magic on them digits!

Rejuvacote resting among the makeup 🙂

The models had manicures that ran the gamut from creams to mattes. Some even had four coats on from numerous previous shows! After the removal process, given the tried and true quick dry practices of Rejuvacote, we settled on clear nails and toes, and opted to not use colors. I used Duri‘s Rejuvacote to give them a clear and natural mani and pedi. Additionally, the nail polish stimulates stronger and longer nails, so not only was I cleanin’ em up, but I was setting them up for fab nails!

Backstage mayhem – getting ready to start the show

Photobucket Photobucket

Here are some of the pros of Rejuvacote polish as I came in contact with it:

  • You can feel a harder and stronger nail after the first application.
  • It goes well as a base or a top coat over any polish or alone.
  • It dries in under five minutes, letting you get back to what you were doing previously without a problem. I polished some ladies minutes prior to wearing shoes & their toesies weren’t at all messy!

As part of the giveaway, I will be giving away one bottle of the Rejuvacote.

Everyone else, you can buy it here!

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