NYFW: Solerra Fashion Show – Perfectly Healthy Tan

Photobucket On Saturday, Sept 12th, I had a great opportunity to see a fashion show with the Solérra tanning mitt. I was already familiar with the product as it was a part of the NYC Bloggin’ Beauts, and it sounded pretty genius.

It’s a one time mitt that you use for self bronzing. In this economy, we all strive to be our own personal assistant, with the goal of stretching a dollar and saving a penny. The mitts are available as an exfoliating mitt and as a bronzing mitt. So if you don’t want to add a subtle sun kissed look, you can still scrub a dub yourself to soft skin.

What I like most about this is that they must be geniuses. No, really. You know when you see something and wonder why it took so long for someone to concoct such a common sense idea? The Solérra mitts are it. The mitts have a barrier inside, to keep the product from soaking your palms (one of the main reasons people opt to have other people take care of them – to prevent the embarrassing neon palms!). Plus they’re one time, and add a subtle glow to your skin. You can’t over do it. You won’t use too much or too little product. Read on to see the pics from the show and to hear more about the product.

PhotobucketAiming to become Fashion Week’s “go-to sunless tanning line” for top designers and models, Solérra® will sample its NEW Instant Bronzing Mitt to Fashion Gallery attendees and provide helpful “hands on” tips on how to get the perfect-looking tan in between runway shows. The Solérra® Instant Bronzing Mitt, with patented Invisicare® technology, delivers a fast drying, instant color application with a natural, sunless tan developing in four to six hours.

PhotobucketInvisicare® technology is a patented, sunless polymer delivery system designed to bond active ingredients to the skin while the tan develops and lasts seven to ten days. The Solérra® Instant Bronzing Mitt has a plastic liner on the inside that keeps sunless tanner on your body and off your hands. The infused mitt application also allows you to apply self-tanner evenly to your face and body without the mess or fuss of lotions or creams—perfect for “glowing on-the-go” during a hectic Fashion Week schedule!

The picture up top features the swimsuit designers who kept those tans covered up in the appropriate places! 🙂 The blondes with the maxi dress and the lace sleeve dress (second from right and last on right) are the President and CFO of Sunless Beauty Ltd., the makers of the Solerra brand. Everyone up there looks like family!

The fab Lisa from America’s Next Top Model was the opener and closer for the show. Check out some pictures, pay close attention to their glows and don’t be shy – clicking on them will let you see them bigger!

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

The closing swimsuit was my favorite of all time.
Photobucket Photobucket
There were plenty of fit and fabulous bodies both on the runway and off. Of course, girls being girls, I spotted plenty a guilty girl (myself included) giggling when male models started strutting past us.


[edit] After the initial posting time, Solérra® won the Best Self Tanner Award from Shecky’s! Congrats![edit]

I snagged some mitts to give away, so tell me how you stay tan but healthy for a chance to win! Plus as part of the giveaway, a mitt or two will be available as a prize as well.

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4 thoughts on “NYFW: Solerra Fashion Show – Perfectly Healthy Tan”

  1. Just wondering if you have more pics…my son was in the show and I only saw the back of him. He was the last male model just before the last swimsuit that you loved.



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