It’s a Gray Field…

PhotobucketBlack is the color that generally is worn most. In the winter it is of optimal choice for it’s simple ability to pull in light and retain warmth, it shows much less stains or dirt, and of course, it has a slimming effect. It’s no wonder that almost every person in the world has a pair of black pants or black shoes lingering around the household.

I remember the first time I had to go to a school event and our uniform included black pants. When someone said they didn’t have black pants, you could swear I was reacting to news about the earth not being round. If you don’t have ’em. Get ’em!

Being a New Yorker, I find that a lot of the city dwellers here often find shelter in the color black and sometimes dedicate their whole wardrobe to the color. If you’ve had a chance to make it to NYFW, you’ll find that many a fashionista is clad in all black.

I’ll admit that I’ve resorted to an all black wardrobe when too lazy to match things together. When you start buying too many of the same color, you even start to forget they could be paired with others. God forbid we forget ROYGBIV! Other times, I’m a punk. Who wants to risk their hard earned cash on a red sweater with rainbow polka dots, when a black version looks smarter for the long run? Sure, it’s safer than magenta, and will outlast any leopard print trend, but it becomes a monotonous and if I dare say, mundane, practice.

So wouldn’t Yaya be surprised that as soon as the first leaf fell off a tree, that there was a dime a dozen a New Yorker rocking the gray jacket, cardigan, and scarf (not necessarily all together though…).

Gray is equally as durable in outlasting trends y’all. Between white and black, all the shades are ones that can magically travel on through time and through wardrobe without dating your style. That’s just the color though.

If you are looking for something that will last more than a season, steer clear of super trendy embellishments (ruffles, feathers, ribbons, etc.) or cuts (asymmetrical, batwing sleeves, etc.) unless you have the confidence to wear it as if there was no expiration date in sight.

  • Gray works well in breaking up your closet collection and presenting a color variety in the selection.
  • The color works well as a complement to all light and dark colors (try to pair with a grape/burgundy color and a yellow/mustard color – each combo will look just as good!).
  • The deeper shades of gray are also equally as successful in creating a slimmer silhouette.

So what are you afraid of? Go try something gray now!

Check out some style options all under $100:

Mossimo at ShopStyle

What do you think about the color? Is this old news, or are you running out of the house to try it now?

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