NOTD Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

PhotobucketKeeping up with the nail challenge y’all. For day two I’ve got a drugstore friendly polish. I got this one at a BOGO deal at CVS, and frankly, there is always a deal on these babies. Good, too – because they’re grrrreat!

You can probably see from the pictures that the polish I’m raving about is Sally Hansen Insta-Dri. These buggers have a different shape for the bottles than any I’ve seen before (but totally great for swatch shots for the blog!). The brush is also a little wide and flat, a characteristic not too many people are happy with, but honestly that is among my favorites. The brush usually lets me finish one nail in a single swipe, rarely needing a second.

I usually snatch up the clear polish bottles in Insta-Dri for on the go applications. I carry them in nearly every bag, because I like to have at least clear polish on my nails if there is no color. Between how fast they dry and the size of the brush, clear application is done in under a single subway stop (y’all know I’m always doing my nails on the train in NYC!).

This color, Teal Takeoff is a new addition to the line for Fall 2009. I love that roughly 90% of the Insta-Dri collection is so thick that one coat can be enough to complete your mani. That also means they are great for using with Konad!

Photobucket Photobucket
left: flash, right: no flash

pretty true to color too

Like the color? The challenge? Let me know!

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