Nails – Take Care TC Me!

I’ve promised to give ya the scoop on taking care of your nails, or rather, prolonging your mani, so here it is!

Remember, that it is not just an outside open and shut case. Your nails require attention on the inside, working along with the rest of your body. That, along with the products you use, and the polishes you use when manicuring are the perfect equation for well cared nails, and a pretty bang up bill of health as well.

Then again, life isn’t so easy is it? We often forget to take our medication, dabble in some not so 3-free polishes, and then chaos ensues!

Here are some tips (in no particular order):

Take Your Vitamins
Have you ever gotten white marks on your nails? Low calcium. Thin, brittle nails prone to breakage? Very often a sign of not getting enough of your vitamins.

You might wonder why it’s something simple as nails that start to show signs, but a lot can be happening inside you as well. Nails, like hair, teeth, etc., are just outer parts that people can notice quicker than say, vitamin deficiency in your guts. (excuse my ladylike dialogue) 🙂

Remember that in my completely nonmedical opinion, negative signs in nails don’t always have a perfect remedy by taking one vitamin or another. Look closely to your diet and habits and catch up anywhere you might have slipped.

Don’t Put Your Money Nails Where Your Mouth Is!
No matter how hard, or how much willpower you need to muster up, remember that your nails aren’t on the menu. Biting your nails repeatedly is damaging to more than just the aesthetics.

Take it from a partially recovered nail biter:

  • >Having polish on nails makes it less important/tempting to bite.
  • If your biting stems from a nervous/boredom habit, carry items that may keep you away (i.e. SuDoku book, sketchpad, gaming devices, Mp3 players, etc.).
  • If you willpower wanes, take to polishes that have scents or tastes in them that discourage biting, or at least insure a negative memory of such.
Take Care of the Surroundings.
Use plenty lotion for your hands, and thus, your cuticles. This is most important in colder seasons, when the skin surrounding your fingernails gets all excited to crack up and such (lol get it?!).

If you get too snappy with your cuticle remover, remember that less is not more in this situation. All you need to do is keep them moist and pushed back. Not always necessary to cut them away every other day. They are there for a reason! Add a Coat.
Whenever you venture out into the outside world, you wear a layer of clothing or two, right? Don’t forget that your nails need the same care.

Though it might be too much to ask for some to always have some kind of polish on your nails, but it is most beneficial to you and yours (your nails I mean) to have a top coat of some kind. The ones I found most helpful so far in my search are Duri‘s Rejuvacote and Nailene‘s Acrylic Strong Nail Topcoat. Remember that base coats work well to prevent nail yellowing with polishes that are dark in color, or stain.

Don’t Peel Out!
As tempting as it is, and as often as I tend to do it myself, don’t peel your nail polish when it starts to chip or bubble. Leave it as is, or carry one time nail polish remover wipes with you (E.L.F. has a pack of 18 remover pads for $1.00. That’s less than 6cents for each!). When you peel nail polish off of your nails, no matter what the druglike pleasure you feel at the moment, you are in that moment scraping nutrients and outer layers off of your nails. Thus, making your nail weaker, and more prone to breakage, etc.

I’ll post more tips soon! What do you do to take care of your nails?

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2 thoughts on “Nails – Take Care TC Me!”

  1. Awesome tips. I've been meaning to give myself a manicure, but my nails keep breaking and I have to cut them really short. Right now I'm waiting for them to grow a bit so I can paint them this weekend.


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