Trial Practice Tips

PhotobucketI have a new feature for you guys.

To encourage conversation, the sharing of tips, and a whole bunch of other goodness that comes with conversation and swapping secrets, I am starting the TPT (Trial Practice Tips). When you’re at MyOwnJudge and court is in session, you always need to be prepared, and you never want a guilty verdict. I am still unsure of the frequency of this feature, so we will play it by ear.

The tips are always in threes, Beauty, Fashion, and Fitness:

As the weather gets colder, remember to moisturize. If you don’t have time for your whole bod (it’ll appreciate you if you do), hit it up like the song says: head, shoulders (elbows & arms as an extension…), knees, and toes. Cream up your face, elbows & hands, knees, and feet. If you have gloves and socks to keep the moisture in, the better. The air is not as moist, and you won’t be awake to hear the please for it, so do yourself a favor before you crack up. I use the extra thick Planet Spa African Shea Butter from Avon – and for $4.50, nothing beats that softie!

If you feel the chills, forgo your vanity and invest in leggings and/or long johns. They don’t have to be thermals, it just has to be something that sits tight around your body as an extra layer of warmth under the rest.

Embarrassed about leggings showing under your designer jeans? I like to fold mine over the jeans. When I have bright leggings under the jeans, it looks especially fun & usually starts a conversation about how wonderful I am (if someone doesn’t tell me, I won’t hesitate to inform them…lol)

Drink that water! When you’re pent up inside for longer amounts of time, you might get restless and feel hungry more often. A lot of the times this is your belly just getting bored. Drink a glass of water and see if you’re still hungry after. Of course, if more than four or five hours passed since your last meal, you probably are hungry, so don’t go guzzling gallons to keep your grumblin’ belly at bay.

Have some tips for me? Feedback? Comments and/or e-mails are always welcome!

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