Magazine Weekend: People Style Watch November 09

PhotobucketHow’s your weekend going so far? I’m getting caught up in American football as I spend the day watching tv flipping from channel to channel and oohing and ahhing at highlight reels and tackles. Some of the time is spent on Twitter taunting friends who like opposing teams, and the rest is spent sending my cheerleading chants to the teams I’d like to win! What do you spend your Sundays doing? weekend continues with People Style Watch, a favorite of mine I continue to pick snippets out of. You can see the previous features here.

Never heard of the handy dandy mag? This magazine is the fashionista sister of People magazine, with tips and features of celebrity and wallet friendly styles, along with trends, new brand features, compilations, and our favorite: coupons! The back page of the magazine is chock full of coupon codes for over 50 well known companies in this one for November, and some until the end of the year. If anything, this baby is worth the money for all the savings it’ll bring ya! (Don’t believe me? They have codes for a minimum of 20% from places such as Banana Republic, CVS, etc.)

The November issue has a bunch of tips from skincare to fashion, some from style experts and some from celebrity guests. Covergirl, Hilary Duff offers tips on how she does her own makeup and which items of clothing she invests money in, and in which she saves.


What methods do you use to save money?

Shoot me an e-mail to if you would like me to explore other/have topics and/or magazines, or for general opinions of what’s in magazine weekend.

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