Eyeko Nail Polish Swatches

MOJ EyekoAs promised in the introduction, I have the swatches of the Eyeko polishes for ya. Check back to the intro to see how the polishes match up to other famous brands in size, and to see what Eyeko is all about. Also? I’ll be coming out with a post about how these colors all look in matte. Any expectations?

MOJ Eyeko MOJ Eyeko
Vintage Polish for Elegant Nails
What does this make you think of? Tiffany’s? Jade? I don’t feel like this is a dupe for any color out there, and is such a pleasant color on nails – I feel like this is great on all skin tones.

MOJ Eyeko MOJ Eyeko
Nude Polish for Perfect Nails
Not exactly nude, it has a tinge of orange in it, but it looks like the perfect fresh ‘neutral’ polish. Looks super ladylike for sure!

Check out the rest of the swatches after the jump!

MOJ Eyeko MOJ Eyeko
Lilac Polish for Lovely Nails
This is such a pleasant color. I think it’s soft and seasonless. One of my favorites!

MOJ Eyeko MOJ Eyeko
Purple Polish for Electric Nails
This color actually changes with coats. With just one coat it is a much lighter color, and with a second or third coat, it turns a bit vampy.

Here is what it looks like on the nails with the varying coats:

MOJ Eyeko
Can ya tell which finger has only one coat? (no flash)

MOJ Eyeko MOJ Eyeko
Indigo Polish for… none!
I suppose this one is a pick your poison description!
This is the kind of blue polish I dream about. The kind that looks like a moody sky.

Check out how it simmers in light:

MOJ Eyeko

MOJ Eyeko MOJ Eyeko
Cosmic Polish for Space Nails

MOJ Eyeko
This one really impressed me the most. A creamy black with a constellation party on your nails! There are different colors peeking out at you. Catch the red, green, blue, etc. This was the most favorite of the bunch, and I already used it as a base for a Konad here!

Which one’s your favorite?

Disclaimer: This product(s)was sent to the author for review by the manufacturer/PR. All reviews on MOJ remain unbiased and unpaid. For more info, feel free to contact the author.

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8 thoughts on “Eyeko Nail Polish Swatches”

  1. I love eyeko but they pulled it off the shelf at my local drugstore! BOO 😦
    anyway i just picked up my package in the mail. thanks yaya! I love everything and thanks for the samples. I'll be posting a blog about it so ill be sure to link you 🙂


  2. @Chrissy – the old polish bottles were cute but the polish consistency was pretty bad. This is a huge improvement

    @Styleezta – I would say you're lucky for them to sell by you, but your shelves no longer have them! Maybe it's because they were redoing their packaging and they will restock once more? Hope so. Enjoy your goodies!

    @Ms. Jenn – they all rock indeed

    @Nix – yep. It's creamy and lovely

    @Alemom – great picks!

    @Francine – agreed!


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