Grammy Mindset

I’m gearing up to check out the Grammy’s. The Red Carpet show is on E! and the show hits in two hours for me. No idea what your television plans are, but all tvs will probably have this on today.

Last year we had a whole bunch of ups and downs. M.I.A displayed a crazy work ethic when performing while ready to pop.

MOJ 2009 Grammys

MOJ 2009 Grammys
The downs? Well we remember the Chris Brown and Riri absence at the show and the brouhaha that followed it (I refuse to discuss this by the way!).

So what are the memories for this year?

Beyonce has 10 nominations. Taylor Swift has 8 (and if she beats anyone more deserving, Kanye will not, I repeat NOT stand up). Lady Gaga 6. The ladies are ruling the charts. There is a 3D Michael Jackson tribute (really? We’ve come far in television!), and we have Pants on the Ground Man from American Idol performing on the red carpet. Kathy Griffin said her Carolina Herrera came from a sample sale and attributed her full hair to “magic hair.”

Who are you rooting for?

While you wait for the Grammys to start though, check out the ideeli blog and the following awards:

The Innovator Award, Fashion 2.0:
Fashion 2.0, Social Media Awards:

Check out all the nominees on and check out the live coverage (if you don’t have it on tv) here.

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