From Valentine Brain Fart to Genius in .2 seconds

MOJ Valentine's Gift GuideSo you decided you wanted to celebrate Valentine’s Day but you want it to be special. Not just pretty flowers and yummy chocolate special (although no one ever got hurt with pretty flowers and yummy chocolate), but “ohmygosh how did you think of that and have time to do that?!” special.

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These are some of my ingenious (even if I say so myself) ideas for you to hit the mega brownie point jackpot. Remember to accidentally leave this page on the computer for your significant other to find, and to make sure y’all don’t do the same things, remember to personalize each effort with what is closest to you and yours.

Take a trip
I know money is tight for a lot of people. So don’t take this as my attempt to go extravagant. Yaya thinks we can all just up and travel for Valentine’s Day. Wrong. But sometimes travel is cheaper than going out somewhere. Buckle down and commit to doing research on a bed and breakfast. Know a friend close by? Ask to house swap (you kind of need to live alone for that to work out right lol). Find free areas of interest around like a Botanical Garden, a zoo, museum exhibit, performance, etc. You can ever ask a friend to be a “chauffeur” and promise to clean their house/shovel their yard in return.

Even if money is tight and you have to ruin the surprise by going Dutch with your mate (each person paying for themselves), buy little trinkets and items to make the day memorable. In the past, I have invited my honey to a bed and breakfast and told him that all he needed to bring was himself. That the place was so posh that all amenities and clothing would be provided for. Little did he know, I had already shipped some new tees and jeans to the area and asked them to put the clothing in the closets and drawers so that it’d be ready for him. When we got in he was surprised, but shortly figured out that it was me.

Surprise trip? Tell them you are going for the day (just be sure they don’t have prior engagements for the following day) and pack their stuff/buy new stuff for them to find in the area (similar to the previous suggestion).

MOJ Valentine's Gift Guide

Image Credit: DeviantArt user daidaiiro-kun

I have a gift… and a box
Some of you are ready with a ring, necklace, earrings… what have you. Skip the box presentation and be more original. Hiding it in food and drinks may be cute on tv but is pretty messy, and to be honest, it would be a bit repulsive for me to drag a ring out of my mouth in the midst of chewing on a cake. Worse yet, to swallow it in a gulp and then hope for it to come out safely (not that it ever happened to me before…).

Incorporate your gift into a presentation. Wrap a ring around the base of a flower if you are giving flowers. Pose a ring in a chocolate, or instead of a chocolate inside the box (this way it’s visible and risks less chances of being consumed). Hang it on a string in front of a door with a note (this is great for bedroom and bathroom doors). Have a pet or child/neighbor’s kid deliver it (it’s always cuter when a kid or pet does it).

Feeling adventurous? See if you know a police officer or a fireman, or befriend one, and see if they can try to make your mate travel to a precinct or court to find their gift. This is very adventurous, or maybe even dangerous so don’t try this unless you know the person well. No one needs to spend Valentine’s Day in jail. Lovin’ a driver? Hide the gift inside their engine and ask them for assistance (please don’t turn on your car just yet – fake that it won’t start!). Going to act like the day is a run of the mill day? Ask someone at your favorite fast food joint to put your gift in as a “happy meal” gift surprise. I can go on all day, but then you would know my secrets. These suggestions should get your juices going.

MOJ Valentine's Gift GuideDrugstore Love?
A lot of us are product junkies. But who would get a lipstick or a nail polish offered for a BOGO half off to their loved one?

For fears of being cheesy or being called cheap, we shy away from what we would actually really like. It’s all in the packaging.

MOJ Valentine's Gift Guide
Don’t leave it to Russell Stover to put the hearts and bows on your love. Make a bouquet out of nail polish (or whatever tickles your mate’s fancy) like Getcha Nails Did made here (hers is for a giveaway but is still a great idea!). Purchase a cosmetics case and fill it to the brim with their favorite products (can be applicable to men and women).

Plus side? You can even sneak in a pricey gem into these (see my interpretation below).

MOJ Valentine's Gift Guide

Give What You Can’t Do

The fast solution? All services ranging for luxury haircuts (and by luxury I mean famous places like Bumble and Bumble, or hairstylists like Sally Hershberger), to facials, massages, manicures, and pedicures. This would be a good time to throw in a product they can take home as a gift as well, but you control the cards.

Do What You Can’t Give
Massage and mani sounds splendid to everyone but your wallet? I hear ya. Most importantly my VISA hears ya. Or rather, not trying to hear it. Brush up your YouTube skills and bake a cake, do their mani, make their lotion, create a necklace. You are only limited to the limitations you set for yourself. I believe you can do it!

Procrastination Nation
Okay so it’s the last day and you got to this post late. You are about to rip your hair out and just want to buy a multi pack of Hershey kisses and promise a million for each one they eat (also a good idea hehe). All that’s left in the stores are gift cards and thousand dollar items. You don’t want to buy the gift cards because you don’t want your procrastination sins unearthed, but you can’t afford the big ticket items. The secret? If your mate needs a wallet, get a new one and fill each slot with a gift card to a place they’d like. Put your picture in the photo slot and wrap it up. Already have a wallet? Snatch it and do the same. This way, they will panic about losing their wallet. Look at you funny for gifting them the same said wallet, and then be pleasantly surprised at the gifts inside. In love with a product junkie? Forever 21, Bloomingdale’s, Sally Beauty Supply, Sephora, etc. are great gift card ideas.

Most importantly, remember you are not limited to February 14. Make your __/__/2010 more meaningful with a surprise. Remember that love isn’t defined by neither a holiday nor a store. Remind all your loved ones (friends, family, and mates) just how much your love for them costs (priceless), and what they mean to you (everything) every day.

Inspired yet?

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