I Always Said Cupcakes Make You Look Good!

While many may curse a cupcake for going straight to their hips, others may argue otherwise. Personally, once you get a good cupcake and devour it, you can’t say a single bad word. Well… a couple in regards to why you ate it so fast and what you would do for just another bite… but nothing bad about the cupcake.

Benefit Sugarbomb Cupcake

So get yourself a good cupcake (a special Valentine’s Day edition of the Benefit Sugarbomb face powder. The Sugarbomb cupcake will be sold exclusively at the CupcakeStop truck in NYC on Friday, February 12, 2010 at 9am. The first 300 lucky ladies to sweeten their Friday and V-Day will get the face powder free with cupcake!

Plan on satisfying your sweet tooth? Tell me (and share a bite)!

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