Traveling with an e.l.f.

It’s hard enough for people visiting New York to pack enough. Scratch that. Anyone traveling has a case of the Iforgots. I have it each and every single time I travel. When I went to Barbados? I had a checklist of all the things to bring and still missed some pretty important things. How could I have missed bringing shorts when I was venturing to the Caribbean? Similarly, when I flew to Florida, how could I really arrive without shampoo, lotion, or hairspray? Was I traveling to somewhere prehistoric? Was Jetblue chartering time machines!? The hardest thing is looking at yourself in the mirror and admitting that you indeed forgot an essential. It’s all your fault. Unless you have a butler. Most of us don’t. If only someone counted on us to be harebrained and forgetful.

As of March 1st (mmmhmmmm today), all travelers heading to NYC staying at an Affinia location are privy to a complimentary e.l.f. emergency beauty kit.

E.L.F. Emergency Kit at Affinia

The e.l.f. emergency beauty kit includes:

Super Glossy Lip Shine SPF 15 in Pink Kiss, contrary to popular belief, New Yorkers aren’t rude (okay, not all of us), so you’d be a smart petunia to have gloss to decorate that smile of yours – and SPF? Way ahead of the pack!
Slanted Tweezers, because there is an obsessive compulsive plucker in all of us that escapes when traveling and without a tweezer. I can safely admit that I have tried to remove hairs with the strength of my nails in such situations. Don’t judge.
Regular and Waterproof Mascara Duo, a swipe or two of mascara makes a gal look awake. As you know, the Big Apple doesn’t sleep – so go on and fool everyone!
Nail Polish Remover Pads, when the beauty supply stores are creeping up on you and the Sephora stores are as plentiful as Starbucks you may feel the urge to change up your polish, or go bare from the variety.
Eye Makeup Remover Pads, because what goes on must come off. Also because when you are not at home, you can’t reach for olive oil as a miracle cure.
Clear Nail Polish, stops stockings from ripping. Makes bare nails look uber chic and taken care of. Keeps nails from cracking or breaking (don’t believe me? Compare wearing clear polish to no polish for a week!).
Travel Hand Sanitizer, because a lot of sleepless New Yorkers make for a lot of grime and dirt. Oh, and the possibilities to grab a bite to eat on the corner of A and B are endless!

The super plus for me is that no one claims these babies back from you. You’re safe to tote this kit around as your save me super team until everything runs out. Then you might just have to return to New York. 🙂

All Affinia-stayers have to do is simply call or visit the front desk for a kit, no questions asked.

Having a beauty kit available for you at Affinia courtesy of e.l.f.? Super awesome.
Being able to land in NYC and ask the front desk “you got the goods?Priceless!!!

Participating Affinia locations include: Affinia Manhattan, Affinia Dumont Hotel, Affinia 50 Hotel, Affinia Gardens Hotel and Affinia Shelburne.

Do you travel with e.l.f.?

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