Alice in Etsy-land

MOJ Alice in EtsylandAs many of you may have heard, Tim Burton’s latest masterpiece, Alice in Wonderland is out in theaters. Though many movies come and go, there are few that are as inspiring as a story tale and even fewer as awesome as Alice. While I am too sickly at the moment to be galavanting amongst movie goers (hello sinus pressure and sniffles), I am always at optimal health to run wild with the web. You may have heard of Urban Decay, OPI, Disney Couture (naturally… and have you seen the necklaces?!?!?!) and others jumping on the Alice in Wonderland wagon (with very creative and must have limited edition items I might add), but the choices may leave you wanting for something original. Something that you can only find down the rabbit hole.

Image credit: Disney

Enter into the courtroom the real wonderland – Etsy. My favorite haven for finding out what creative handmade shenanigans people have been up to in this world. Sure, I may not be the biggest cardstock and stamping genius, but someone out there sure is. And I can bribe pay them for their gifts!

Check out my picks for all things originally Alice:

Want fancy stationary for your tea party? This set comes with different colored image stamped onto cards and envelopes. Lest you wanted to keep a memento for yourself, there is a teapot necklace thrown in with the set. Check out all purchasing details here from seller VivalaViolette.

Wait. Are you having a tea party? Send out your invites for an Alice themed anything (look – nobody will judge if you have a Happy Friday party… especially if you invite moi!). Seller VivalaViolette to the rescue. I’m sure you can probably negotiate eat me and drink me tags in the process.

Party out of the question? Have a solo party on your ears. That way each time you pick up the phone to chat, it’ll be like clinking glasses to toast your fabulous self. Courtesy of seller ghostlovejewelry.

Quit neckin’ with the promo posters and get yourself a unique token of love. This pendant is a vintage domino with some wonderland on the other side. Talk about the flipside, right? Thank seller wickedmama for the creativity.

Tea biscuits and muffins more your taste? Wear this cocktail… or rather, a tea time ring to show people what your style is with the help of DIVINEsweetness.

Happy Birthday time? Get well time? Nothing better than Alice specific greetings from inBlackandBright.

I’m sorry y’all. This mirror is looking crazy awesome. Check out all the intricate details on it – ya know all thanks to MarilyndaGallery.

Ever want to separate your makeup or goodies in your purse? This is perfect. Click over to check out the details that bern4me concocted.

Remember the talking flowers? Check out the poster at the top of the post and you’ll see them in the promo image. This brooch from kathelonious is channeling the queen of hearts.

JezebelCharms make some awesome charm bracelets. That is the beginning and end of the statement.

If you didn’t see the lampshade from pokybrush at the top of the picture, would you be able to tell that this is a lamp? I wouldn’t. But how caaaaa-uuuute!

A tea party is what I’m fantasizing about you guys. This wonder from AnniesStudio can be a vase or a candle holder. It can also handle lip glosses and necklaces, but that’s just my mind talking.

What did you find it Etsyland lately?
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