Broadway Nails Change Color

Broadway NailsWhen you get a spare minute or two to wander the aisles of your drugstore (or you do it on purpose on a regular basis – I won’t judge!), you might notice there are some fancy things going on in the health and beauty aisles.

My favorite change has become the new advances of press on/glue on nails. For less than $10 you have an instant manicure, which, even at your clumsiest, will last you at the least two days. I’ve had $20 manis that didn’t make that cut!

The excitement comes from the variety of shapes and sizes in these nails (I never found it necessary to scratch my brain through my ear!), most importantly with much more short length options. The designs are getting funkier, brighter, and more original. The best one yet? Broadway Nails Fashion Diva Color changing! Fun in the sun and all business inside.

Broadway Nails Color Change

Broadway Nails Color Change

Broadway Nails Color Change

Apart from the color and the length, the other difference with these is that the glue that comes with the nails has been changed. The pink glue is formulated to hold the nails longer and with less chances of air bubbles, but that’s not all. The glue no longer comes with different tips where you have to flip the tip back and forth to open the glue. This glue is ready to go as soon as you open it up.

Broadway Nails Color Change Broadway Nails Color Change
The only problem I have with the glue is that the packaging on it is funky. Once you peel it back, you either have to take it off completely, or deal with a sloppy looking outside. This is a small gripe, but I’m just reporting my findings.

Broadway Nails Color Change Broadway Nails Color Change
I had a couple of air bubbles, but nothing to complain about. The few that I had were hardly noticeable, unless undergoing rigorous inspection.

Broadway Nails Color Change
I really like that there is a sliver of silver below the french tip, and that the shape is manageable and not obnoxious.

As you start entering sunlight, it progresses to a cute party!

Broadway Nails Color Change

Broadway Nails Color Change

Broadway Nails Color Change

These nails lasted a little over five days on my nails. On the fifth day a couple of nails fell off, but I just put some more glue on and the overall look stayed on for a week.

As far as removal is concerned, I usually just take a long shower with fake nails. When I decide to have press on/glue on nails, I also semi agree to take speedy showers. Too much water ends up soaking the nails and causes them to flip off. These aren’t permanent after all. When I’m ready to take them off I just take that long shower and by the end most of them fly off on their own. DO NOT pull the nails off if you get tired of them. Not a fan of lengthy showers? Cool. Soak ’em. Ripping them off ruins your nails (ever notice how it could peel the whole stinking top layer of the nail off?).

Interested? Take a peek at the website. They are on the up and up with the live swatching of all the designs, including changing your skin tone. The most impressive part? You can enter the measurements of your middle finger (in mm) and they will tell you which products work with your nail size.

Broadway Nails

Are you up for color experimentation with nails?

Disclaimer: This product was sent to the author for review by the manufacturer/PR. All reviews on MOJ remain unbiased and unpaid. For more info, feel free to contact the author.

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One thought on “Broadway Nails Change Color”

  1. These color changing nails are SO FUN! They're great for summer and really easy to apply. They're the perfect thing to spice up your look this summer. They didn't ruin my natural nails and were really easy to remove with the Kiss Remover Kit, definitely get one! Thanks for sharing 🙂


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