Men Have a Get Out of Jail Free card?

Teen Choice Awards 2010

As I was channel surfing on this lovely Monday evening, I stumbled across the Teen Choice Awards 2010. I am not as avid watcher of awards shows as I used to be in my younger days (I remember when I timed the MTV VMA’s for 9/9/99), and I believe they got a little (or a lot) less interesting than they used to be, but with that in mind, the red carpet (or in this event’s case – for the sake of being earth friendly – the green carpet) and the fashionable walkers of the carpet never fail to pique my interest.

(photos: courtesy of Getty Images graphics: courtesy of MyOwnJudge)

A perfect fit to the shows, the fashion police of various channels and television networks usually show right after the ceremony or the day after, mercilessly criticizing the attendees. Now those shows, I rarely miss.

While looking at the photo coverage of the green carpet at the, I found the same disconcerting (okay not that disconcerting) fact pop up. Men have a ‘Get out of Jail Free card’ at awards shows! Think about it – nearly every awards ceremony has more than a handful of male celebrities arriving in denim and tees. The ones that decide to wear a leather jacket or blazer up top still keep it super casual on the bottom. Sure, the Oscars and other higher end awards call for more black tie etiquette, but everywhere else, the fashion police just doesn’t pull over as many male offenders as they do for females.

Females love to dress up and I will not be the one to say that if men don’t find an event invitation enough to bust out the heels and makeup (imagine?) that we shouldn’t either, I’m just huffing and puffing a little about them getting away with it.

What do you think? Do males get the free pass to be lazy?

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