Nails will Prevail

Prevail Nail Polish
Drugstores are my weakness. Well maybe not just me, but when I peruse through the beauty, skin, and haircare aisles, I seem to be the only one to aimlessly look around and buy things I don’t really need in my life, save for the need to quell my curiosity.

Duane Reade has been stepping it up lately. They are on the beauty wagon of all drugstores. Notice how every drugstore near you has a skincare consultation center, skincare specialists, and even beauty events?

Some Duane Reade locations in Manhattan have an aisle or two to compete with the best of the Sephoras out there with brands like Nailtini, POP Beauty and Becca fully stocked on their shelves. That though, is for another post on another day. When I went to the neighborhood Duane Reade, I didn’t necessarily see the extravagant brand names, but I did spy a new nail polish brand that was begging to come home with me. What could I do? I obliged!

Prevail is a brand completely foreign to me. When I went on an initial internet hunt for the company, I found a link to purchase products from the brand at and got extremely excited that the search was so quick and efficient only to learn that the products on the site were adult diapers. Whoops! It turns out Prevail is a private brand of Duane Reade. It is part of their makeover of the brand and overall company. (source Private Label Mag).

When I was at the drugstore, all I needed to see was the color selections and the color names to start the “I need this because…” conversation with myself. Upon a quick (and taboo) swatch test, I picked three colors to come home with me. A bright pink, purple, and a forest green. The first and last colors seemed to be shades completely unlike any in my collection, and the purple quite similar to the Mattese and Color Club purples I own; both of which are uncommonly similar in name (Mattese is Pucci and Color Club is Pucci-licious).

I love the names because a lot of them are named after New York streets or neighborhoods.

Prevail Nail Polish

Have you seen Prevail on your shelves?

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