Korres Body Milk Does You Good

Korres Body Milk
I’m trying to catch up with everything in my inbox. The hardest part is trying to manage how I will get to everywhere I want to do while retaining my sanity and getting sleep. I feel like I need a stunt double to assist!

In the meantime, I’m doing short posts about long posts to come, especially about products getting me through this time of where I don’t always have time for myself. For example: the Korres Body Milk in Basil Lemon is my new savior. I have been having some seriously dry skin lately. The smartest hypothesis to why this happens I can create so far, is that from sweating, cooling down, and rubbing against clothing, the skin is irritated far more than usual and is moisturized far less. Not all the lotions in my drawers seem to work their magic on my unhappy skin. It comes as no surprise though, that Korres doesn’t disappoint.

The scent isn’t too much, but the sensation is just right. The lotion isn’t thick, nor watery. It applies pretty smooth and cools the skin with appropriate moisture for a good period of time. I have a sweating problem so I usually sweat out my lotion rather than run out of moisture (if that makes sense!), so I can’t judge how long the lotion keeps you moisturized for until winter comes around.

Have you tried any Korres Body Milks?

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