Lorick Spring Summer 11During fashion week, the schedules become so hectic for shows going on inside the tents and off site (outside Lincoln Center), that almost everything and everyone is late – to everything. This makes life all the harder when you are trying to stick to a rigorous schedule (and forget about eating).

This and many other reasons are exactly why I love to have presentations thrown into the mix. Presentations go for anywhere from a half hour to two hours, and the models are either presenting a show over intervals of time, or they are standing around, posing to your every whim.

When the invitation for the Lorick presentation landed in my life, I was overjoyed that it was a presentation. I soon found out that it was held at Tela Design Studio by Philip Pelusi (and after a bit of research found out about Tela skin and haircare products – but more on that and the other beauty details from the show later). The backstage hair and makeup prep was almost as interesting as going to a show.

The designs featured pastels appropriate for the showing season (Spring Summer 2011), with plenty pantyhose and sheer fabrics. As you will see if you keep scrolling, pantyhose was used in a most interesting way to edit the way footwear appeared to the onlooker. The designer is usually creating garments reminiscent of Gossip Girl, but this time, the collection just screamed Grey Gardens to me. What do you think?
Lorick Spring Summer 11

Lorick Spring Summer 11
I wasn’t a fan of the headwear – a lot of it seemed to dull out the designs and the models a bit.
Lorick Spring Summer 11
Lorick Spring Summer 11
Lorick Spring Summer 11
Lorick Spring Summer 11
This model was my favorite – she had the best poses and pouts!
Lorick Spring Summer 11
The entrance to the Tela studio had a breeze going through the presentation like a tardy guest, offering just enough air to let the garments flow!
Lorick Spring Summer 11
I was totally digging this styling of the shoes at the show. Sure, pantyhose over footwear may not seem practical for the everyday, but it sure is something different and interesting to look at. It may even save your sole from a bit of damage while walking through streets, as well as offer a new shade and shape to your footwear. Care to try it?
Lorick Spring Summer 11
Lorick Spring Summer 11
I was a little disappointed with this model – she was as conservative and prim as her outfit, but I really wanted her to break out her smiling with the eyes! 🙂

How do you like it?

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