AMEXNYFW SS11: Adrienne Vittadini

MBFW SS11 Adrienne VittadiniThe downturn to my fashion week was noticeably starting when I repeatedly inquired for information about hair and makeup prep for the Adrienne Vittadini show. It’s only mannequins, I was told (probably about three times) before my caffeine high and sleep low subsided for me to understand. Oh! It was only mannequins. Duh!

Smart move for a designer to use such tactics during a presentation. You save money on models, hair, makeup, and nails, while still preserving the look of your clothing. Plus – during a presentation, model handlers end up toting water with straws and hard candy so that they don’t get restless (or maybe I wasn’t meant to see that?).

The spring and summer collection from Vittadini followed the same aesthetic of the brand from the previous collections. Very strong lines and feminine draping. The spring collection seems to be concentrated more on casual chic, as it contains more daytime looks in comparison to the fall and winter collection, which boasted a bit more nighttime ensembles.

Spring comes through in this collection with vibrant colors, tribal prints, and shorter hemlines. The cardigan and tank sets seem a perfect transition from the hot days to the introduction of chill, as well as a day to night couple.
MBFW SS11 Adrienne Vittadini
The handbags were all made of what looked like buttery soft broken in leather with small (but interesting) metal embellishments.
MBFW SS11 Adrienne Vittadini
My standout pieces were the accessories and the bottoms. The accessories were varied in between matte and glossy large link chains to wooden, tribal pieces. As I exclaimed on Twitter, the matte pieces were my favorite, but I was equally impressed with the wooden dog tags. I felt like it was such an interesting take on the piece.
MBFW SS11 Adrienne Vittadini
MBFW SS11 Adrienne Vittadini
The bottoms became my favorite once I saw the balloon detailing. I love me some balloon pants. Fitted at the waist, and loose around the hip, these were constructed much better than I can describe, and were perfectly styled with looser knits.
MBFW SS11 Adrienne Vittadini
MBFW SS11 Adrienne Vittadini
MBFW SS11 Adrienne Vittadini

Have any favorites?

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