AMEXNYFW SS11: Andy & Debb

MBFW SS11 Andy and DebbOn the last day of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, my body was starting to act a little funny about this whole walking and waking deal. Try as I did to utilize alarms and whatnot, by the end of the week, four hours of sleep per night did not sit well with my body. It revolted like never before making me miss nearly every morning show (if they started at 9am) and nearly every backstage preparation sequence (if the shows started at 10/11am). Terrible of me, I know.

As I jumped up in a panic on the last day, I made a mad dash for the subway and thankfully it brought me to the tents in the speediest fashion. Sometimes public transit chooses to work against you instead of with you, and nothing can spoil a day faster! My perfectly tardy day must’ve been aware of the Andy & Debb presentation. How lucky was I that it was a presentation?

The clothes were a bit prim and proper with a twist. Very no nonsense lines for the jackets, tops, and dresses, but with plenty an interesting panel or cutout to play with the eyes.
MBFW SS11 Andy and Debb
The backless garment sucker that I am, this was my favorite. I just can’t ever get enough of backless pieces and feel like they exude the most effortless sensuality than any short hemline or low cut top.
MBFW SS11 Andy and Debb
The designers were answering questions about working with each other for so long. They mentioned that after all this time, it’s easier to be on the same wavelength and to understand what one means, and is thinking.
MBFW SS11 Andy and Debb
The beauty look was a sleek ponytail on top and a bit unruly at the tail end. Teased to a bit of a bedhead, this is the easiest style to reconstruct when attempting to copy a runway look. Shoot, I do it on all my lazy days.
MBFW SS11 Andy and Debb
MBFW SS11 Andy and Debb
MBFW SS11 Andy and Debb
Check out the shoes. I was digging them. All the models had the same style, and it really unified the collection. The mod feel of the shoes connected to a lot of the shift style dresses in the collection, as well as the funky prints.

The makeup was a coral flushed cheek and a stronger pop of a similar shade on the lip. The skin looked fresh and flushed. Like the girl spent so much time looking good she had to run up the stairs for happy hour. (Just sayin’).
MBFW SS11 Andy and Debb
The nail color was customized by celebrity nail technician Pattie Yankee along with the help of Dashing Diva dream team. The designers had requested a color similar to that of the customized shoes, and as you can tell by my close ups, they didn’t disappoint!

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