Sparkles Galore in the Drugstore

Sally Hansen PolishThere’s a confession in order, every time I pass a drugstore, a sudden urge to go in and see the new stuff overwhelms me. Sometimes they’re not equipped for my eager eyes and I leave spending nothing (good) and seeing nothing (eh, not so good).

The last visit was pretty eventful though, I felt like I unearthed a gem!

What I think are new Sally Hansen colors (sometimes the displays get bombarded by consumer hands and you can’t tell what’s limited edition from the vets, and what’s new from the clearance) in Purple Gala and Mystic Lilac are shimmer heaven polishes. I love that the shades are not your typical reds, blues, or purples, as many collections have brought out, and instead are using the most popular neutral shades and spicing them up a bit.

Sally Hansen Polish
Sally Hansen Polish
Doesn’t all that shimmer speak to you? (No? Just me then…)
Sally Hansen Polish
I bought mine at Duane Reade but you can get them at any drugstore or Walmart conveniently located and fully stocked around your way. Stay tuned for when I rock a full mani with these babies!

How do you like these colors?

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