How do you organize?

MessVisiting CSN stores online reminds me of living in NY. They have over 200 online stores and sell everything from upholstered dining chairs to handmade clutches. The two are a bit different though. Living in New York is part blessing and part curse.

The bright side to it all is that everything is at your fingertips, from personal contact, to entertainment, all the way down to twenty four hour access to the candy bar of your wildest dreams. I guarantee there is some place on this insomniac island that has it. Therein lies the problem with New York! It doesn’t have the luxury of internet space to store all these goods and then use other states to shift around space.

Photo Credit: DeviantArt User MiamoJolene

There are so many people, places, and things available, that space is becoming as valuable as air and water! Though architectural advancement has us expanding vertically in additional to horizontally, it is hard to imagine how this city could ever contain everything we New Yorkers like to call prized possessions, and harmoniously so. Storage centers are erected quicker than you can say ‘charge it’ and living quarters are slowly starting to resemble said storage rooms in size. So what’s a New Yorker to do? Get creative or get to minimizing.

Storage and organization in a house isn’t always easy at face value. Sure you may have a box and some items, but is that really the best way to store it? What about ease of use?

As a self proclaimed obsessive compulsive organizer, I can share some secrets with you, and while I’m at it, you might be able to tell that CSN has become my go to site for my reogranizing impulses.

  1. Formulate a plan – you can’t stand at the entrance to a room and figure out how you will clean it from floor to ceiling by dinner time (if you can – we need to chat). Instead, figure out a battle plan. Will you be working from top to bottom? From the floor up? Will you collect all the items you plan to donate/give away first so that you can organize the rest? Once you decide, remind yourself and try to stick to the plan. Sure, you may want a cookie, yes there is a Facebook update, but nothing will get organized if you don’t get focused!
  2. Make space – before you decide to hang up all your necklaces, or fold all your denim, make sure that once you are done, there is a place for them to go. My trick is to clear out an area completely and then fill it back up. This technique generally takes up a full day, so copy at your own risk.
  3. Use all the space you have – shelves and closets are ready and available, but what about on top of closets and under the bed? I usually put items that I won’t use for the season (like boots in the summertime) out of reach because I won’t need them for a while.
  4. Get creative – look at what you have and what you can get for cheap that will organize your things better than anyone can ever think of. For example, why get a jewelry organizer, when you can use your tea box (they have plenty of compartments and some come with clear covers). Need to store underwear/bracelets/socks? Why not use cutlery organizers? The ridges will act separators. They also work great for makeup brushes, glosses, and pencils. My newest favorite and upcoming purchase? A mirror with a secret door to jewelry organization heaven (over the door and standalone available)!

Most importantly, keep track of the ‘what’ and ‘where’ you place items. The last thing you need to do is get the same item twice… who knows, now you might have space for both!

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