Naomi Campbell and Russian GQ

MyOwnJudge - Naomi Campbell GQ CoverThough she may be as infamous as she is famous, no one can deny the fabulosity that is Naomi Campbell.

Every time she has a run in with the law I shake my head and suck my teeth. Why can’t she dust all that diva off and be as great as her shoots? Then I think about how I don’t really know the woman, and for all I know, it could all be “any press is good press,” without much merit behind it.

So I stick to the images. I love the woman in a photo shoot, and she seems to like it just as much. She was featured on the cover of GQ Russia as one of the people to remember in 2010, and being that Russian is my native language, I felt like having fun with the cover, isolating the diva, and translating a bit. I’ve been experimenting a lot with images and graphics, trying to improve on what you see on MOJ. Do you like it?

The collector’s edition features the model sporting several hairpieces, and I have to admit, I prefer the old school bangs and bump better than the long or short hair.
MyOwnJudge - Naomi Campbell GQ Cover
Naomi can still rock a mean pose and no matter the amount of photoshop, you can’t tell me anything about the girl being in shape. She looks great. Her shot below makes her look like a doll, no?

Photo Credit: MagXOne and

What do you think?

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