Grass Is Greener Across the Atlantic

MyOwnJudge - Paris Men's RTW
The American men’s collections during fashion week are usually full of casual and sportswear. There is no drama, no flair. Just cute boys and clothes. Guys almost always get a natural look, some ruffled hair (or super quaffed) and bam, enjoy the runway. In Europe? They dress them up in flowing capes, tight cardigans, Chaplin hats, and scarves that verge on being called headpieces. Where’s the love?

Photo Credit: WWD

Majorly impressed with three (notorious for great shows) brands, as well as a new name to my vocabulary, the Parisian men’s shows (Jean Paul Gaultier, Dior Homme, Boris Bidjan, John Galliano) were more than just eye candy. This was real fashion; equal opportunity style.

Which country’s style do you prefer?

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