Sure Thing, Shearling!

Shearling is the new recycled trend. The leather on the outside and warm fur (mostly faux) on the inside look has been around for the longest of times. I remember rocking a thigh length leather and fur (more like wool – it was all lamb) at the tender age of five in Russia. Sometimes, when the temperatures are dastardly unbearable in the winter, you have to reach for the warmest thing possible.

The look has returned in the most popular form of ankle booties and vests. I saw a gorgeous long sleeve shearling jacket in a magazine and was elated when the credits said it was from H&M. Off I went on my little red riding hood mission, only to find (after six stores and full floor searches) that the shearling was all knotty and cheap looking. It looked like it had more plastic and acrylic in it than wool or cotton, so my hopes and dreams were shattered. I took to the world wide web to find a better version under $100.

The look above is linked to each item, so if you want to see how much an item is, or what store sells it, just merrily point your mouse away. I tried to be diligent with the under $100 mark, so if you take a look around the web, you may find better options for a little more pennies and dimes.

As soon as I find my perfect darling shearling, I will let you know.

Are you into this trend?

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Search & Win

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