Babor Cosmetics Makeover

MyOwnJudgeA couple of weeks ago, I had the honor of attending a product preview event and met the people behind Babor Cosmetics. The company has proven to be more than just adept at creating skin care products – they have been keeping busy for over half a century (yes I’m serious – check the company’s milestones here). Although I haven’t tried the skincare products yet, I do have to admit that a company who prospered for so long is on to something, and it’s not just the packaging. Speaking of the packaging, doesn’t it look great?

As I walked past the Babor table, the powers that be must have sensed my lack of knowledge and experience with the brand and I was immediately asked if I wanted to try out the products and get a makeover.

Would I turn that down? Nope

Elsa, the makeup artist hooked me up with a natural look appropriate for any occasion and any time of the day.MyOwnJudgeThroughout the process, I was being the inquisitive me that I’ve grown to be so good at. As a makeup artist, would she use the makeup brushes that come hand in hand with the brushes and other Babor products?

Honestly, I generally would suggest a consumer get separate brushes, but the ones that come with this packaging work very well and hold just enough powder.

After moisturizing my face (with guess which brand product), Elsa got right to the bane of my cosmetic existence: the dark areas which are all around my eye. You wouldn’t necessarily notice them, except I have a face that is slightly oval, but when I smile, turns as round as an apple. The big cheeks press up by my eyes and create creases and spotlights onto everything, everything I do not want noticed. She did only one side of the face before taking to show me the difference.MyOwnJudge
The lid looks like someone took a magic eraser to it, and under the eye and the inner eye has less shadows peeking out to wave hello.
We decided to do a before and after with me smiling, because I was smart enough not to have a straight face to show you all the gruesome stuff, so I posed like a cheeseball. You live and you learn.MyOwnJudge
Elsa and I.

Since the after photo was probably not much help, I took some adequate pictures afterward.
Elsa used olive eyeshadow and dark brown liner to line the outer corner of the eyes. She used a light peach/rosy colored on my cheeks and a similar colored lip color. The blush looks like a natural rosiness, no?
MyOwnJudgeCloseup on the olive shadow Elsa chose for me and the Babor mascara.They all do pretty good work!

Have you ever tried the brand?

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