Well Heeled Donors

MyOwnJudgeYou may be accustomed to a pair of Loboutin heels costing well over a thousand dollars, but have you ever braced yourself for one hundred percent of the proceeds going to charity? I sure wasn’t. Now I’m not trying to say the company is cheap or anything of the sort, but really – a product that is expensive to make, when all proceeds go as a donation, it means the company is donating funds as well. Think of it – money to produce, as well as time and monies earned.

The famed shoe designer has produced a limited edition of only 33 pairs to benefit the Grameen Foundation in favor of microfinancing. What inspired the move? Louboutin was inspired by the book “Creating a World Without Poverty,” written by Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus (also author to Banker To The Poor: Micro-Lending and the Battle Against World Poverty), founder of Grameen Bank and Grameen Foundation, a microfinance group.

The well heeled patron will drop $1,495 on a pair. They come in three colors, each in a flagship store. Champagne in New York, lavender in Miami, and pin in Los Angeles. Word is still out if the 33 pairs are for each color or each pair is available in only eleven pairs. If so, that’d probably only mean that there are only one or two pairs of each color. Drama!

Source: WWD

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