Travel Comfortable In Style

MyOwnJudgeThe holidays mark many a season. There’s the cold front knocking at most doors, the rush for gift shopping, the food gluttony (no? Just me then), and of course – the traveling!

Holidays are great for traveling deals, seeing sights unseen at other times of the year (when else will you see the Rockettes perform?), the kids are on vacation, see family, and well – it’s travel, so you don’t need a million reasons, do you? With the onslaught of airport security demands though, you’re in for a fun ride. From succumbing to checks of your luggage, minimizing your liquid products, and letting security cop a feel only allowed on the third date or later, you really have to mentally prepare yourself for the experience.

I’m always amazed when people come dressed to the nines at an airport. Sure, some people are going straight somewhere off the plane, or are coming from, but don’t they have a cozy pair of something to change into? Do people know that at high altitudes, their body parts may bloat, and they might feel a tug of their mini skirt, or discomfort in their too tight pants? What about the hour it will take to take off their pull up boots (just me again)? Best yet – what about that jog they need to make to get to the plane on time in platforms?

Such was the mindset when I saw photos of Kim Kardashian checking in her luggage for a flight. Above the knee boots (and heels at that)? Not I said the blog editor.MyOwnJudgeSome travel tips to be comfortable on the go:
Stay Low to the Ground
Yes you heard me. Land that airplane and pack a pair of flats or two – how difficult (and time consuming) is it to wiggle out of high boots or heels? Plan to cut it close to liftoff? Maybe sneakers are your best bet. Invest in No Tie Shoelaces to be able to make the removal and redressing process easy. No wasting time for bending down to tie ’em! Wearing flats? Remember to pack/wear socks! When you hit that airport floor barefoot and wonder what kind of germ is waiting to attack your sole (guilty) you’ll learn your lesson once and for all.

Keep It In Your Bag
That metal detector will find everything you forgot and everything you thought you remembered. Prior to the flight, stash everything in your bag instead of your pockets to prevent that “oh this!! I forgot I had this in my pocket” moment.

Plastic is Fantastic
Keep a ziploc bag handy in your bag just in case. Women are especially guilty of forgetting that the mascara, lip gloss, or mini perfume in their handbag is actually liquid and can risk saying goodbye to their favorite Chanel Inimitable Mascara (yet again guilty). If you want to save money on the obnoxious prices for food, you can also carry an empty bottle to fill with fountain water once you pass the checkpoint (but most people consider it too much an inconvenience).

Remember to keep your identification and flight materials in one spot, if you’re packing heavy in your carry-on, pick a bright colored passport case or wallet so that you can spot it without a ten minute search. Make use of the internet to check into your flight before you leave, and even check baggage if you can. A tip I learned from watching some late night television has been to use a work address on your luggage tag so as not to alert thieves of your address while you’re away. Blankets and pillows for a long flight are most recommended, as are snacks. That’s just what I have learned among a few flawless (and much more flawed) travels.

What tips have you learned along the way?

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2 thoughts on “Travel Comfortable In Style”

  1. Comfy slip on leather ballet flats, layering clothes so that you can deal with trans-climate changes, barrier cream and face wipes to keep skin happy inflight – esp long distance flights.

    Love your new format and clean design.

    xo IMM


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