Colored Bottoms

MyOwnJudgeWalking through the streets of New York, you get a condensed version of the good, bad, and the ugly of what fashion can create. There are see through stockings trying to pass off as leggings, and ultra fashionable grandmas ready to put me to shame with heels and a va-voom red lip.

Colored jeans and bottoms overall have been an utter fail on the most part. With the exception of opaque colored stockings underneath a black or other solid color dress. Bright colors on the bottom more often than not get stuck looking a bit kitschy as you pair your brights with something else equally colorful, starting to look like a relative of The Nanny.

Geri Haliwell, a Spice Girl I haven’t heard from in a while has shown just how to rock colored bottoms recently as she was leaving an airport. She has the lightest shade of a pastel pink pair of jeans, with the bright stuff accessorizing the look with her luggage. So that’s the secret! Go light for everyday, accessorize bright (and it rhymes). She paired some slate gray on the top and mixed in a leopard print pattern as well. The toned down look is as normal as a regular pair of blue jeans would be.

How do you do a bright hue?

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