The Fashion Show and Tresemme – Episode 5

The Fashion Show - BravoI’ve been pretty remiss with covering The Fashion Show. Sometimes other material bumps it out of place, and other times, I procrastinate and wait way too long (I’m trying to get out of that bad habit!!).

The fifth episode gave lots of reasons to discuss. To veer off topic for a second, I must say the show has turned me into a follower. In the beginning I was convinced it was a complete copycat of Project Runway, but since then, I’ve noticed that though the theme and inspiration is similar, that overall this competition handles it differently. My favorite part is when the teams make a collection by each episode end.

The winning design in this past episode was an asymmetrical ruffle floor length dress in a perfectly blue as night sky shade. The cherry on top was the hair. Tresemme head stylist Jeanie Syfu created a match to the dress, sculpting a smooth and sleek style (also asymmetric). Check out which products made the look, and tell me what you thought of the episode!

Haven’t been watching? Check out full episodes with BravoTV here.

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