Winter Skin

Sometimes, it’d be easy to stay the same forever, but really – then we’d have a whole new set of complaints, right? The seasonal changes that come with every new year are sometimes a boon, and sometimes a perceived curse (who wants the snow to fall when they found the perfect mini? or the sun to shine so bright when you caught those cute shearling boots on clearance for almost as much as three lunches?). Given that the weather changes, it’s no surprise that skin follows. Even the neatest complexions and pore-less clones of the world (because I don’t believe they exist) have odd days and seasons where perfection brings patches one day, redness the other, and oilyness the next. I got some tips in my mailbox from Shaela Walker (Walker’s Apothecary founder and owner). Let me know if they’re any help, or if your questions are still unanswered!

How do I reduce wintertime skin redness?
Because skin redness is mostly caused by wind and dry heat, the best thing to do is rehydrate the skin and make sure it’s protected. It’s smart to use a cream cleanser in the winter because it’s more soothing and less stripping than other cleansers. Walker’s suggests using Evanhealy Rose Cleanser and cutting back on the amount of exfoliation in the winter to focus on hydration, using a richer moisturizer and a gentle oil or face balm at night. She suggests using Darphin Organic Aromatic Purifying Balm for extra hydration and for a relaxing treat, try chilling a gel mask to help constrict blood vessels and apply Walker’s Apothecary Chamomile Soothing Gel. Another trick is to find a serum that cancels out redness, hydrates skin and soothes inflammation such as Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective Gel, which has a cucumber and thyme formula.

My cold is drying out my nose and chin, what do I do?
It’s safe to use a gentle exfoliation mask once a week but make sure it contains enzymes to slough off dry skin and follow up with a hydrating mask such as Walker’s Apothecary Marine Enzyme Peel or Walker’s Apothecary Green Coffee Masque. It is also beneficial to use a cleansing milk or face oil with a washcloth, gently cleansing face in circular motions without rubbing. Follow by using a hydrating serum and a rich moisturizer like Walker’s Apothecary Super Moisturizing Serum on top of those extremely dry areas such as the cheeks, chin and nose.

How do I reduce unflattering under eye puffiness?
As soon as you see your eyes starting to puff up, try splashing your face with cold water and if you have the time place chilled green tea bags right under your eyes.

Have any more questions?

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