Snique Away!

MyOwnJudge - Snique InviteMaybe your inbox is over-saturated with the invites to sample sales online. Shoot, there are so many sales, and they happen so often, you may be inclined to vow never to shop retail again (although really – how else can you get the perfect item before inventory dwindles down to a wish-list?). There are some sites dabbling in destination sales, but they are not promised regularly, and lack variety – just enough sun and luxury for any guy or gal to sleep happy at night. Well guess what? Snique is just what the doctor ordered.

Welcome to the world of travel sample sales. Sign up and see what destinations come up. Currently, Belgium, New York (let me know if you’re coming!), and Costa Rica are up for grabs. Become a smart travel shopper – or hold out for that memorable trip. Or well… you know… play around with your shopping cart and dream of the day you can buy trips like you can lip gloss (and don’t forget about me when you get there either!).

Join the invite only site with this link:

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