Nally and Millie – a Valentine Getup

Nally and MillieSay what you will about Valentine’s Day; it’s commercialized, it’s based on a massacre, why can’t you show someone you love them everyday, yada, yada, yada. The redeeming qualities: chocolate (oh that’s not enough!?), and a perfectly good reason to dress up and go somewhere. If you’re anything like me, 2011 is a fresh year to save the most amount of money possible (I started walking to work and school thankyouverymuch!), a get out of jail free pass once in a blue moon is very welcome. Then there’s the second dilemma – where do you start and what do you do?!

1. Breathe.
2. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Check out Nally and Millie!

The brand has a collection perfect for any kind of fun you’re up to partake in for Valentine’s Day.

Look to the current trends appearing for Spring: ruffles, draping, pastel colors, medium length skirt (or even longer – knee length and a little bit longer is in right now).
Nally and MillieGo easy on the colors, but not on your date. A mini dress with sleeves doesn’t reveal too much skin, but is just as appealing (if not more from all that intrigue). Look for a light fabric so that it will skim your body just right, and be able to move freely with you when you do.Nally and MillieChoose a knee length (or even an inch or two lower) skirt to break out the Mad Men vixen out. Pull the skirt up a bit and cinch your waist with a wide belt if you feel like showing some leg. Mix up tough and soft pieces to let your attitude and personality speak for itself (metallic belts/jewelry work great with soft skirts/blouses).Nally and MillieWhen all else fails and you just want to purr at your date, break out the LBD! A sheer panel on the shoulder is perfect for a hint of skin and cleavage, while keeping you warm and covered up. The dress doesn’t even need to be a super mini considering it’ll cling to you no matter how you want or don’t want it to.

If you’re celebrating in a cold climate, remember that a pair of opaque tights do wonders for warmth and contrast. Black is great to lengthen legs and suck in problem areas, and work best with patterned and colorful getups. If your actual dress is black though, find a different color pair of tights, or a sheer black with a pattern.

Or… if you’re eyeing a gal – you can surely get a dress or two for her to wear on the date 😉

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