Blank and Yellow

It’s Super Bowl time y’all. I meant to let this post go into the worldwide web hours ago, but I was consumed with pregame chit chatter, and then the first two quarters. Now as I enjoy the Black Eyed Peas rock the halftime – how cool are the light up costumes and aerial views of the formations of the dancers (though they could use louder mics, no?)! Still, I keep wondering if Wiz Khalifa’s Black And Yellow will be the serendipitous anthem, or if the rapper will issue a remix, substituting green as the new black.

Personally, I was rooting for NY to make it into the games today, but team blue and gang green fell short. Wompity womp!

Enough with the football though – break out your own yellow to celebrate the game on your own terms. It’s a cheerful color (talk about a sunny disposition!) to break you out of any gloomy weather that may land on your doorstep, and is also a good way to freshen your wardrobe from the wintry dreary colors. Mix it with gray or brown, as opposed to black to refresh your outfit choices. I picked some favorites for you to peruse from – and peruse away – they’re all under $50!

If you’re not much of a football enthusiast, keep an eye out for the commercials. Super Bowl is advertising mecca and they surely pull out the big guns (though why they can’t be creative all year long is beyond me!). So far, my favorite is the Sealy commercial – check out some memorable commercials from the past on Fox.

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