Oscar Fever: Anne Hathaway

MyOwnJudge OscarsThe Oscars were on almost every television set last night. The hosting duet of James Franco and Anne Hathaway weren’t as animated as I would’ve hoped, but as always, the fashion makes up for it all.

I’m a little mad that my girl Anne Hathaway was stuck with whoever it was that got her some of these getups. A lot of the dresses were stiff fabrics with a sheen – reminded me of special event outfits you get for children too young to protest. MyOwnJudge OscarsTowards the end of the show, the dresses became more conscious of her figure and age. There was lots of glitter and sparkle. I was especially interested in the sparkletastic (tell me they weren’t!) heels she wore with her tux for her performance with Franco dressed as Monroe.

Which was your favorite?

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